Saturday 24th of February 2018

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On-Site Website Design Training

Whether you need a one-day introduction or a week of advanced training, we work with you in planning the perfect course to meet your needs. Our On-site training provides a face-to-face live training for our students. All our training centres are user-friendly and very condusive for learning.

About Our On-site Web design Training

Training Package:

  • 1 Month of hands-on Training (saturdays)
  • A Website (Domain name registration and Hosting)
  • Web Design Video Tutorial DVD
  • Web Design Manuals (Modules 1-15)
  • A Book ‘How To Run A Web Design Business’
  • Website Design Certification
  • Opportunity To Partner With PureWeb Inc.
  • Hands-on experience from UK-trained experts.


Benefits Of Becoming a Professional Web Designer:

  • Opportunity of earning unlimited amount of income monthly
  • Opportunity of becoming your own boss
  • Opportunity of keeping your day time job and still work part-time
  • Opportunity of owing a business with endless possibilities- enables you create and develop new ideas and concepts.
  • Opportunity of starting an online business on a shoestring budget
  • Opportunity of owning a business you can run from home-no office, no staff, no expensive furnitures etc.

Our Teaching Style:

We believe that hands-on learning produces the best results, so the focus in our classes is on having students spend as much time as possible working directly on their skills.



Learning is a continuous process, thus we provide after-class support for all of our students.



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