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Welcome To Web Design Training 360, The Training Arm of PureWeb Inc.
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Do You Want To Be A Professional Website Designer and Developer? 

Do You Want to Work for yourself and Earn Unlimited Amount of Income Monthly? 

Do you need to train your staff in Website Design and Open Source Software Technology?  

Are you looking for an onsite or online custom-designed training to meet your needs?  

Would you like training from the comfort of your Home and place of your choice?  


If so, we can help. PureWeb Incorporated provide Website Design training across Nigeria and The United Kingdom. We've trained public and private company’s staff, state and local government staff, as well as university students and colleges. 

Whether you need a Home-Based training or a week of advanced On-site training, we'll work with you in planning the perfect course to meet your needs. 


Our Web design Training Packages 

Our web Design Packages has been well taught out and structured to provide you with everything you'd ever require to become a professional website designer. It is indeed a total package and 'a must have'.


A.) A Website (Domain Name Registration And Hosting):


When you sign up for PureWeb Training Course, you'll be given an opportunity to complete a web design project ( a website ). This is to enable you demonstrate what you've learn't so far. Then with the support of our team, our training materials (Web design DVDs,and Manuals 1-15) you will undertake a real time web design project to enable you design a website of your choice.





B.)Web Design Video Tutorial DVD

pure web dvd


Description: Become An instant master in the art of creating interactive websites and reap the financial rewards.

In this self-explanatory video DVD, you will watch us design the webdesigntraining360.com website step by step without applying any knowledge of HTML or programming.

You'll watch us design the complete website in this training video one step after the other and every step and every button were clearly explained.There are also text illustrations and callouts for clarity and better understanding.


 C.)Web Design Manuals (Modules 1-15):


pure web manual 1Our Website Design Manuals 1 -15, has been written to cover every area or aspect of website design and development using open source software technology. The manuals are full of pictures, which enables you to read less and learn more about website design visually. It is a 15 modules course. You’ll find that our Website Design modules are not only a great guide for beginners but indeed a good reference material for professional website designers and developers.



D.) Graphic Design Video Tutorials:


Your Knowlege of Graphic Design as a Web Designer Cannot be over-emphasided.

In this Graphic Design Masterclass video series, you will learn how to design professional looking website graphics, and virtual covers using Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia, and GIMP (free tool) even if you aren't good at artand graphics creation!





E.) 50 Flash Templates and Modules:


50 beautiful, flexible and highly functional Joomla templates. Nicely Done Templates, That You Can Used  for Your Future Projects/websites.
You'll find that the templates covered several industries giving you the opportunity to design any kind of website.
Each Web 2.0 Template Could Easily Cost $67 Or More If You Had To buy them yourself.





F.) A Book ‘How To Run A Web Design Business’:


The book is called Start Your Own Home-Based Website Design Business.

This book is about the business side of running a website design business - absolutely crucial information you need to turn your design skills into a profitable home based or full time business.


G.) Website Design Certification:

pure web certificate










H.) Opportunity To Partner With PureWeb Inc:

 After you have gone through our training and have become very good, you'll have the opportunity to partner with us. As our partner, you'll receive periodic website jobs from us to get you started but this project will be under our supervision.


Benefits of Running A Web Design Internet Business:

  • Opportunity of earnining unlimited amount of income monthly
  • Opportunity of becoming your own boss
  • Opportunity of keeping your day time job and still work part-time
  • Opportunity of owing a business with endless possibilities- enables you create and develop new ideas and concepts.
  • Opportunity of starting an online business on a shoestring budget
  • Opportunity of owning a business that can be run from home-without an office, staff, or expensive furniture's.
  • Becoming A Web Designer gives you an edge against your counterparts

Our Teaching Style:

We believe that PureWeb's hands-on learning produces the best results, so the focus in our classes is on having students spend as much time as possible working directly on their skills.



Learning is a continuous process, thus PureWeb provide after-class support for all of our students.



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